Primary Section
Come to the Dreamland School in Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh which offers the most excellent atmosphere in sculpting your dream son / daughter to the core of perfection.
It is managed by a committee constituted as per the Special Rules of the Education Department. Both the Primary and Secondary Sections begin work everyday with daily prayer and meditation.
Class-room instruction does not fulfil all the requirements for the new age pupil. Knowledge is now accessible at the click of a mouse anytime and anywhere. However, the teachers role is important.

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Late Smt. VIBHARANI GHOSH is the founder of this institution, which was established by her in 1990-91 in the presence of Deputy Director Mr. G.M. Raichoudhary. Her work is being carried forward be her daughter SMT. NEELIMA SARKAR, PRESIDENT AWARDEE for social services as well as teaching, who is an honorary President of PIONEER Association.

President Message

The Dreamland English Medium School offer an integrated education of high quality under unusually favourable condition, this includes a challenging curriculum involving wide reading and Laboratory experience-based teaching in small group and a wide range or co-curricular and recreational environment leading to all-round development of the personality of each child.