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Welcome to Dreamland School

Origin of the School

Late Smt. VIBHARANI GHOSH is the founder of this institution, which was established by her in 1990-91 in the presence of Deputy Director Mr. G.M. Raichoudhary. Her work is being carried forward be her daughter SMT. NEELIMA SARKAR, PRESIDENT AWARDEE for social services as well as teaching, who is an honorary President of PIONEER Association.

Aims & Objectives

The Dreamland English Medium School is a co-educational institution with a difference. Its endeavour is:
A. To foster the intellectual, social, emotional, physical, spiritual and aesthetic development of the student and enhance their quality of use.
B. To prepare student to achieve, independent learning in an environment which inculcates a spirit of enquiry and healthy competition.
C. To mention a high level co-operation and support between the present and the school.

We are strictly against of the bad practice tuition, which is very common now a day. To improve the level of the weak students, we provide free of cost special coaching for them. Learning should be an effortless part of growing up keeping in mind the aptitude of learners we give eye catching illustrations of each subject to keep the child’s interest alive in the subject till last leaf.

Words from Chair Person

The Dreamland English Medium School offers an integrated education of high quality under favourable conditions, this challenging curriculum involving wide reading and laboratory experiment - based teaching in small groups and a wide range of co-curricular and recreational environment leading to all-round development of the personality of each child.

Education of this kind is in a real sense its own reward. Since establishment we Dreamland English/Hindi Medium School have forested a strong reputation as one of the leading schools in Bilaspur. This school is a coeducational school with a student-teacher ratio of 30:1. Its exclusiveness lies in the personalized attention the students receive in a well cared for a homely environment with emphasis on discipline, team Spirit and inculcation of human values, patriotism and pride of our national heritage will be the strong foundation on which we bring up our children. Maximum opportunities are provided in the campus to encourage initiative, self-reliance and leadership qualities. Special efforts are made to identify and develop any special ability and talent that the child may have. So, visit our school once to provide the best available facilities to help you to develop your ward’s academic skills and make her/him a true citizen of India.

From Principal’s Desk

A man without education is only a man in a name.

On the making of two human beings as every child is an untapped storehouse of talents skills and capabilities. We endeavour to provide a creative environment to stimulate the imaginations and to guide them on the voyage to probe and accelerate the growth in the new digital era.

We believe that right education will import not only knowledge and skill but also humanity and virtue. I wish our students, great success in all their endeavours tomorrow for a better tomorrow, for themselves and for the mankind.